Arkan Business Park El Sheikh Zayed,, 6th of October, Giza, Egypt

Foresight Consulting

Arkan Business Park El Sheikh Zayed,, 6th of October, Giza, Egypt


Founded in 1997, Foresight Consulting has been at the forefront of business consultancy, comprised of a team of professionals with a tenacious drive to deliver world-class commercial solutions, tailored strategic solutions and in-depth studies.

Our blend of industry and functional expertise, combined with our vast exposure in the Egyptian market, puts Foresight in the forefront of consulting and advisory services.

We offer tailored solutions across all industries and regions.
Our engagement with your firm uses multiple inter- related services to ensure full coverage of your needs.

Unlocking a company’s innate potential and optimizing its performance secures its true business potential and aligns the company to achieve its corporate strategic vision.

In an age of change, businesses must quickly and efficiently react to capture external opportunities. It is essential to be the first to identify disruptive technologies, innovative competitors, and new entrants in order to realign your corporate strategy and maintain competitiveness.

Harvesting insight into your business and the market in which you operate within is the cornerstone to success. Advanced analysis ensures every business venture and decision made is supported by solid and objective evidence.

As the business landscape becomes increasingly more competitive, consumers are dictating the terms and setting high expectations for demanded goods and services in the market. With that in mind, every aspect of your business must be shaped in a consumer- oriented approach.

No matter how detailed an action plan is, executing your strategy can be a challenging endeavor if the suitable resources are not set.

Presence across traditional channels and platforms are no longer an option in today’s technologically- induced world. Connecting with your base at their fingertips and convenience is vital to communicate, engage, and transact.

Foresight Consulting continues to serve local and international corporates, as well as family-owned entities, to provide unparalleled insight into the Egyptian market, built upon an astute business vision and strong commercial intellect.

Foresight Consulting is proud, not only by the number of clients served over the years, but the number of years we serve our clients, and the success that we have achieved collaboratively over the years.

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Wessam Mohamed Motie
December 10, 2021
Dar Al Fouad
Good training
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