MMM Coaching (Mahitab M. Marzouk)
MMM Coaching (Mahitab M. Marzouk)
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Marwa Swidan
June 27, 2022
I really loved the session, I felt very comfortable sharing my issues with Mahitab. She created a space in which I can think in a new way. She asked challenging questions to help me move on. She encouraged me to take action, and to overcome my concerns.
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Salma Ahmed
March 29, 2022
Currently not working
Mahy was amazing, very helpful, very polite and understanding, she was very supportive and non judgmental at all and this gave me a great opportunity to be more open and share with no fears at all. She knew how to use her experience and knowledge to give you the maximum benefits out of the sessions. Highly recommended!
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Sylvia Zaky
February 16, 2022
Business Development Manager
The session was insightful, helpful and made me informed about many things and connected them together. I see the picture of how things affect each other and how i need to take care of them all. Thank you for your time and support and valuable session.
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Tasneem Tarek
November 23, 2021
I just had w session with her and she’s perfect, the way she listens, support and comments made me so comfortable while speaking it felt like I’m in my own zone.. thank you much for your time I really loved sharing everything with you
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May M.Kamal
November 3, 2021
Luckily, I got the opportunity to have a couple of chats with Mahitab with regards to my future aspirations and road blocks and I have to attest to her amazing empathetic skills with which she was able to quickly identify the areas in which I needed to develop the most. Each time, she provided me with tools that help me progress steadily towards answering my own dilemmas. Therefore, I highly recommend her as a great life coach. Thank you Mahitab for the time you've accorded me.
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Gannate Khowailed
October 10, 2021
I found MMM coaching session extremely helpful. (1) she was extremely flexible with finding the time during her weekend on a short notice (2) she was extremely creative with guiding the thinking during the session. It’s like she was clear she was going to add value any way possible (3) the session was very helpful - I was trying to make a tough decision and her reflection exercise helped ton (4) she was very generous with her time and energy. Would definitely recommend her and would be using her again. Thanks MMM
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Mona Selim
June 30, 2021
Freelance Architect
I had a session with MMM coaching, and i found it very insightful, she was very understanding and listened to me patiently. I would definitely recommend her services.
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Heba Zaghloul
May 3, 2021
Mahitab was wonderful. For someone like me who finds it difficult to open up, she was able from the very first session to make me feel "home", trusting and comfortable. She was extremely helpful and very understanding, and was able to help me very clearly setting my goals and priorities and to be focused. This was for me a great accomplishment.This enabled me to take effective steps forward, actions to achieve the goals we set together. She was very patient, listening to every single word that is being said and extremely motivating, challenging, passionate with so much positive energy
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Eman Elazab
March 20, 2021
Ass Prof Computer Science
I was fortunate to join the Positive Intelligence Program with Mahitab. The program is well structured, it shows you proven methods to take the driver seat and stop your mind from controlling you. Further, the program raises your awareness and helps you to deal with life challenges and personal/ professional relationships. This is a true blessing . I highly recommend the Mental Fitness program coached by Mahitab for those who would like to dig in deeper within themselves to be able to handle the stress and move forward.
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Shereen Hashem
March 14, 2021
Personal Assistant to the Managing Director Paramount Carat Media
I met Mahitab at a difficult shifting time in my life. I started with her the 8 weeks Mental fitness group program & the 1:1 coaching. It was a journey of awareness with the program discovering my saboteur and how to activate my sage, using a mobile application showing videos and exercises step by step. That helped me be empowered, keeping balance my life. Your coaching has helped me to make it beyond what I imagined myself capable of achieving. I really recommend the 8 week mental fitness program and 1:1 coaching with mahitab
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