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Simon-Kucher is a global consulting firm with a clear focus on top-line growth. With more than 1,400 employees in 26 countries worldwide, we deliver measurable revenue and profit growth for clients from all industries and regions.

TopLine Power®. This is what Simon-Kucher is all about.

We help our clients grow their revenues and profits. Faster, better, and more sustainably than anyone else. We do this by optimizing their pricing, sales, and marketing strategies.

Simon-Kucher is a global consulting firm with a clear focus on top-line growth. With more than 1,400 employees in 26 countries worldwide, we deliver measurable revenue and profit growth for clients from all industries and regions. Our projects increase our clients’ profitability by 100 to 500 basis points on average. We have 35 years of experience with monetization topics of all kinds – from pricing strategies, customer segmentation, user experience, offer design, and packaging, to negotiation techniques, and sales excellence. We are a growth consultancy and a specialist in all top-line and profit levers.

We pride ourselves on being hands-on and results-driven. We don’t apply one-size-fits-all approaches in our projects but tailor our solutions to our client's specific needs. Last but not least, we make sure our solutions get implemented properly. The ultimate measure of our success is our clients’ success.


Consultancy Firm


Simon-Kucher Engine:


Simon-Kucher Engine integrates over 35 years of monetization expertise with tried-and-true digital solutions tailored to your needs.

As a service, we offer our technology and thoughts. Straightforward and designed to provide you the results you want — fast and consistently. It's just something we do.


Simon-Kucher Engine Solutions & Products:


  • Intelligent Engines

  • Smart Toolkits

  • Intuitive Platforms


Simon-Kucher Elevate:


Simon-Kucher Elevate is a digital consulting firm that focuses solely on top-line growth. By merging technology, analytics, and creativity with commercial consulting skills, we optimize the complete customer journey.

The digital age offers limitless chances to boost top-line revenue. You can recruit new consumers, keep more of your present customers, and eventually grow revenue and profit by establishing digital business models, digital channels, and technology.


Simon-Kucher Elevate Solutions & Products:

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Technology Advice

  • Experience Design

  • Creation and Transformation


Simon-Kucher Cairo


The Cairo regional office was established in 2018, as a regional office for a consulting firm in Africa and a global hub for Simon-Kucher’s global Digital Solutions. We have helped our clients in Egypt and Africa in developing strategies that accelerate their growth and profitability; across different industries including Banking, Insurance, FinTechs, Technology, Retail, FMCG, Logistics, and others.

Our Cairo office has our global shared service center for software development, which programs solutions for all offices. All our employees take part in our global training across the globe as well as our year-end strategy meetings and celebration at the head office in Germany.

Strategy & and McKinsey & Company are two more strategic consulting firms with offices in Cairo. Simon-Kucher sets itself apart from its competitors by focusing solely on what it refers to as the "sunny side of consulting" — top-line and commercial development.

Our commitment to the successful implementation of our consulting services extends to developing digital solutions that complement, enable and accelerate the execution of our world-class TopLine focused strategies. We have empowered our clients across a wide array of digitalization topics. From our office at the heart of Cairo, our digital solutions unit serves our clients globally through very close collaboration with our 40 offices worldwide; stretching from San Francisco to Tokyo.

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