Synapse Analytics

Synapse Analytics

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129 ElMerghany Tower, ElMerghany, Cairo, Egypt, Second Floor, Apartment 24 11757, Egypt

Synapse Analytics

Send a message for your FREE 30 mins consultation
Send a message for your FREE 30 mins consultation
129 ElMerghany Tower, ElMerghany, Cairo, Egypt, Second Floor, Apartment 24 11757, Egypt


Synapse Analytics is a data science and AI company that helps businesses, organizations and governments leverage their data in streamlining their operations, upheaving performance, and increasing efficiency.



1. Artificial Intelligence Company         

We're an AI company that enables computers to extract knowledge from data to instantaneously recommend informed and mathematics-backed decisions for businesses with minimal human intervention.  


2. Data Science Company

We’re a Data Science company that uses scientific methods, processes, and algorithms to extract non-intuitive knowledge from structured and unstructured data.



Our team is comprised of 40 members, ranging from PhDs, MScs, and expert consultants from various backgrounds distributed across 4 different departments.  



All departments work towards the same goal, and that is to make sure that our AI algorithms are integrated seamlessly and have a sustainable, constant positive impact on the business.


1. AI & Data Science Services

A team headed by our Project Consultant with a Data Science & ML, Software Engineering, and Impact team begins to frame & analyze the problem faced by our client, design and build tailored mathematical data science algorithms, and deploy the solutions live to deliver high-impact solutions for every business and vertical.

Synapse Analytics data science and AI company has served clients organizations in the US, Egypt, and India ranging from big multinationals to local companies and SMEs. We have saved companies millions of dollars across 12 industries. We've acquired numerous success stories and use cases in a variety of fields, such as:

  • Financial Credit Scoring and Risk
  • Supply Chain Optimization and Supply Network Design
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Logistics Optimization
  • Digital Customer Analytics 
  • Traffic Monitoring using CCTV cameras
  • Sales Forecasting & Recommendation Engines

and many more..

2. AI & Data Science Products

    An MLOPS platform that combines our tailored algorithms with autonomous retraining, deployment, integration, and impact management.
  • Azka Vision
    A computer vision platform that extracts information from CCTV cameras and presents the data in various forms of analytics.
  • Azka OCR
    State of the art Optical Character Recognition that allows for seamless scanning, sorting, and spreading of handwritten and printed documents.


Synapse Analytics - AI Company


Why should you use Synapse Analytics?

Across industries, a data-first approach to AI activation.


Mentality of Agnosticism

We allow AI solutions independent of available technology or data sources — this alliance doesn't require pricey ERPs or CRMs to work.


Intelligent Tailoring

Our goods are appropriate for any organization, but our method varies depending on the situation — we do a deep dive into your operations to completely comprehend the foundations.



Our deployments and experience have been tried and proven in over ten sectors without fail.


Close Relations

Our deployments are never one-time events; we collaborate with you to ensure that the solutions are completely adopted and implemented across the organization.



Regions we cover

  • Worldwide
  • MENA
  • Egypt

Clients we serve

  • SMEs
  • Enterprise
  • Public Sector

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Mohamed Wahby
November 3, 2021
AMAN E-Payments
The best data science team in Egypt, very knowledgeable, co-operative and value true partnership.
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Christopher Khalifa
September 25, 2021
CEO - Zooba Eats Inc.
My experience with Synapse has exceeded all my expectations. They’re ability to use the data we’ve been accumulating for almost a decade now and transform it into actionable insights for us has allowed us to focus our efforts as a business where it matters most and track our effectiveness and efficiencies in a way we couldn’t have imagined before.
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Khaled ismail
September 22, 2021
We have been working with Synapse for 2 years now as our intelligence arm for analyzing a wealth of data related to customer profiling and drug distribution. They have provided great insights that have helped us increase our efficiency and profitability.
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